About This Project



To develop the Fall & Winter image campaign of well-known international fashion brand the agency requested a piece that would express in a very clear and attractive way attributes such as cold, snow, winter, glamour and beauty. Hence we thought of visually powerful image that would convey those attributes.



Focused on the prerequisites given by the agency, we developed an image of powerful narrative based on explorers of frozen remote territories and we gave the project a carefully developed chromatic harmony. We also knew that the point of view would be a crucial aspect given that part of the image is underwater; our approach results powerful and strengthens the visual impact.

In order to make this happen we built sets and printed backdrops in “Mate Painting” to transmit a somehow theatrical style and add a degree of pictorial unreality



With this campaign we managed to significantly strengthen the brand image, gained important visibility in the media and specialized press and reinforced target consumers perception.

Advertising, Fashion, Photography