About This Project



The Study’s request was to promotion of its work philosophy. Reviewing the history of xosé teiga, studio., we conclude that their projects are often irreverent, they are lovers of unconventional, not satisfied with the result, hipsters, bold, courageous and impregnable. To summarize all this, we feel they are «creatively mischievous» and the perspective of the piece transmit the idea that they are uncoventional.



For a creative study, defining itself is very important. Reviewing your trajectory and your projects, and investigating your image from the outside, we reached the conclusion that many times they are irreverent, fighters, lovers of the unconventional, always looking for the opposite, trying to question over and over again, never being satisfied with the result, they are nonconformists, daring, brave and unconquerable.

To summarize all this, we feel that they are “creatively mischievous”, and in the perspective of the piece we transmit the idea that they are unconventional.



With this campaign we obtained renown and your objective public, making the idea clear that those who hire your services will obtain an unconventional project.


20 November

Advertising, Photography